Love Letter Series #47 — To the Owner of [Your Blog’s Name]

Dear owner of [your blog’s name],

You might be surprised reading this letter. I believe you never even imagined having a letter from your secret-admirer. Actually, I wouldn’t really label myself as your secret-admirer, because we had some conversations before. Do you remember that? Well, I do. And I am not really your admirer anyway.

Well, I prefer to label myself as your [your blog’s name]’s admirer than your admirer. Guess what? Three times for a day, I check your page to find out what kind of things you care about. To be honest, I bookmarked your page on browser even though the address of your page is effortlessly memorized outside of my head. Whenever your latest post appears, I sincerely read it so I can get into your thoughts and ideas. I know that on weekdays, you rarely post something but on weekends, on Sunday afternoon around 1-3 pm, you would put your thoughts in your page. You are really good in arranging dictions and turn them into something so romantic. You hardly try so to use some high-level, abstract words to make those beautiful poems and writings. For almost three years, I have done a pretty good job of being a surveillance expert of your page.

What are the things that you really care about? Your dream of being a doctor who can help poor people. Oftentimes, you talked about how you are really disappointed by the health system in this country. And you’re also a really great musician and artist. On this modern era, we can share thoughts not only in words but also music and visual art, you said. It feels like you talk to me privately through your song and you made a special drawing for me though I know it was just my imagination.

When you accidentally gave a response to one of my blog writings, I was happy but ironically also shocked and insecure at the same time. Attempting to be friends with someone whom you feel romantically attracted to may often cause insomnia, depression and low self-esteem. (Anyway, can I call you friend hereafter?) It’s just a little tiny conversation on the cyberspace but feels so vivid, real, and long. You talked about ideas about education system as a response to my writing about that. Guess what, I needed the whole day to arrange my sentence to reply yours.

Perhaps, you think this letter is inappropriate. Let me bold this, I am a [your blog’s name]’s fan. So you don’t have to prerogatively judge this letter inappropriate cause this letter was addressed to your page not yourself.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter if you let me know yourself personally. Who knows that at point, it would not only be your page that I admire, but also the very owner yourself.

An Admirer and Surveillance Expert of [Your Blog’s Name]

(Ririe Rachmania initially posted this on her own blog, but thankfully she gave me the consent to also put it out here.)

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