My Favorite Things 2.0

[Read at Unmasked Poetry Slam on October 4th, 2015.]

  1. Empty trash cans—just imagine that perfect B flat harmony, produced by the gravity pulling down my used pastic bottle—which I smacked first, of course, because it’s good for the environment;
  2. The fake green grass on my studio’s balcony—I know, as a self-proclaimed environmentalist, I was supposed to be able to do a little botany at home, but still, in this godforsaken concrete battlefield called Jakarta, sometimes an 80×50 cm square of fake green grass that could remind you of home, is more than enough to compensate your long week;
  3. A made up bed—for obvious reasons;
  4. A white column on my electronic calendar—because then and only then, I could sit down and spend the day writing that long-due memoir I dreamed of publishing when I was 21. I am now 23—I learned that my calendar happened to be a lot more colorful than I wanted it to be, and that colors do not always mean good;
  5. A perfect room temperature—25oC,no more, and no less. (Although I’m not always sure how adjectives work when it comes to climatic terms. It’s one of the good days when the economy of things cooperate with environmentalism, because lowering your temperature by 1 degree means saving almost 10-20% of what you would otherwise pay;
  6. Waking up before the alarm—which translates in my dictionary as ‘stealing from the bank of time’—managed solely by the invisible hands of civilization—not Gringgots, because Gringgot’s wonderful at keeping your stuff together for what’s intended of them;
  7. Half-charged phones—because having it dead apparently never fails to make my calendar less colorful;
  8. Shopkeepers who took the time to ask if I actually need a plastic bag—instead of one-sidedly putting my purchages goods into those filthy, non-biodegradable invention called plastic bag;
  9. Skype calls—because how great is it to speak, disagree, and laugh simultaneously with like-minded people across the Pacific, 15.048 miles away, without having to emit a huge amount of carbon footprints?
  10. Home—the wide shoulders which makes me feel like the world will still turn out fine because even when the globe gets so warm, thousands of islands drown and farmers can’t grow anything, we’ll still be doomed together.

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