About Love Letter Series

Approaching the midnight of August 5th, a friend of mine mentioned me on Twitter and asked if he could write his own love letter. I said, “Of course! Why not?” And suddenly it stroke me:

If more people write love letters—to strangers they meet on a train or friends believing in different gods—wouldn’t life be a little nicer?

So I thought, this is it! People need to know—no, they need to understand, that writing love letters is awesome. That it is okay to express how someone makes us feel or become. That it is relieving to expose that tiny vulnerable part of us that is inevitably there. (And most importantly, that it doesn’t have to be real. It might be fictional—but it can also be equally heartwarming for those who read it.)

Of course these letters do not have to be in English, and they don’t have to be addressed to a person either. One can love concepts and inanimate objects—as long as your words demonstrate a degree of genuine emotion in it, they deserve to join the band.

Surprisingly, this initiative received a very warm welcome from many. Throughout August, there has been >50 submitted letters and almost 19.000 views in the blog. I had loads of fun, the heartwarming kind of fun. To make the long story short, it all started from #1 To the Man In My Morning Elevators and #60 To You Who Promised to Share Me Your Last Name. And to pick several (#40-#59):

  1. #41 — To the Days That Are Over (by @deasusilo): http://wp.me/p1ecxR-5g
  2. #42 To The One Who Was: http://wp.me/p1ecxR-5j
  3. #43 To My Awaited Nephew/Niece (by @firdul): http://wp.me/p1ecxR-5l
  4. #44 To My Future Significant Other (by @febyow): http://wp.me/p1ecxR-5o
  5. #45 Untuk Kamu yang Berhasil Mengambil (Sedikit) Hati Saya (oleh @nikenkinanti): http://wp.me/p1ecxR-5q
  6. #46 Untuk Kamu dengan Siapa Aku Berbagi Jarak (oleh @dhil_): http://wp.me/p1ecxR-5s
  7. #47 To the Owner of [Your Blog’s Name] (by @rrchmnia): http://wp.me/p1ecxR-5x
  8. #48 Untuk Yang Terindah (oleh @angga_dm): http://wp.me/p1ecxR-5z
  9. #49 To Nina Morgensonne (by @mhrtn): http://wp.me/p1ecxR-5B
  10. #50 To Myself (by @titadelia): http://wp.me/p1ecxR-5D
  11. #51A To Whom It May Concern (by Azmi Hoffmann): http://wp.me/p1ecxR-5G and #51B To Whom I Certainly Concern: http://wp.me/p1ecxR-5F
  12. #52 To You Who Have No Idea Who I Am (Shall You Plan to Fall In Love with Me) (by @Adriandhy): http://wp.me/p1ecxR-5K
  13. #53 To Ayah and Mama (by @beningtirta): http://wp.me/p1ecxR-5M
  14. #54 To The Excitement of First Date (by @oryandriana): http://wp.me/p1ecxR-5O
  15. #55 To Tenant 205 (by @randuo): http://wp.me/p1ecxR-5S
  16. #56 To The People Who Made Me (by @adhiatmakosah): http://wp.me/p1ecxR-5V
  17. #57 Untuk Rekanku Bertarung Melawan Rasa Takut (oleh @ogiwicaksana): http://wp.me/p1ecxR-5X
  18. #58 To Jermano Paraguna (by @gendhis_ib): http://wp.me/p1ecxR-5Z
  19. #59 To Somebody I Used To (and Still Want To) Know (by @cntiaaa): http://wp.me/p1ecxR-61

All and all, I hope to be seeing you in the next #RakCerita holiday project!

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